With desire for children

An unfulfilled desire to have children despite many attempts can have a variety of causes. These are not always in the hands of the couple.

The following points are important:

  1. The cycle should have two phases, a low temperature phase (1st phase) and a high temperature phase (2nd phase). In between is ovulation. The fertile phase is around ovulation and lasts until about 18 h after it, during which fertilization is still possible. Since sperm can survive up to 5 days under proper conditions, this period before ovulation also counts as fertile.After ovulation, however, there is a 100% infertile phase.
  2. The second phase should be sufficiently long, ie at least 10 days and longer preferably 12-16 days to be able to initiate a stable pregnancy.

By means of an automatic thermometer such as the iButton, which automatically measures the basal body temperature during sleep, it is possible to detect when ovulation occurs. The rise in temperature due to ovulation can be used to induce pregnancy.

Many hundreds of women have had success with this in Germany in recent years.

The timing of ovulation in an individual cycle can quite naturally have a variance of 10 days or more. The timing of ovulation for the upcoming or the next cycles are therefore also not predictable. By means of a thermometer, it can be determined with certainty whether the fertile time window has been exceeded or is still ongoing.

This reduces visits and consultations with specialists. The use of additional preparations can either be dispensed with altogether or these can be reduced. It may be possible to avoid further artificial treatments in favor of the natural biological rhythm. This strengthens a classic family bond and leads to healthier living.

There are numerous forums where women anonymously discuss their cycles with other women. These are also an important place to go to learn more about the female cycle and how to work with NFP and iButton.

Thus, there are also important benefits to women or couples with an acute desire to have children from automatic temperature measurement while they sleep.

Women after hormonal contraception usually have a massive magnesium deficiency, since this was metabolized to a very high degree beforehand. This often results in a too short second phase. Magnesium can be better absorbed by the body through the skin than orally. It is therefore worthwhile to use special magnesium baths.

Important aids in connection with children also seem to be simple- special teas. After a successful pregnancy, when women breastfeed babies, mothers often drink fennel-anise mixtures to increase milk production. To induce pregnancy, it can be beneficial if at least the woman, better the man, drinks a cup of stork’s bill tea every day. The tea can also be drunk cold. The cranesbill tea should be steeped for 10 minutes. Positive experiences can also be found in various forums. Of course, there is another variety of desire to have children tea, such as lady’s mantle tea, raspberry tea, etc. the following is an excerpt of tea varieties:

    • Stork’s bill: promotes cycle regularity
    • Basil: Promotes ovulation and sexual desire
    • Stinging nettle: Detoxifies the body
    • Women’s mantle: Promotes corpus luteum production and buildup of the endometrium, most important herb in gynecology!
    • Goldenrod: Strengthens the kidneys and has a healing effect
    • Gundelrebe: Cleanses skin and mucous membrane
    • Raspberry leaves: Have a cycle-regulating effect and strengthen the uterus
    • Lemon grass: Invigorates the body and gives flavor to the tea blend
    • Rosemary: Stimulates ovulation and strengthens the uterus
    • Sharp yarrow: Promotes implantation of the egg in the uterus
    • Pansy: Regulates metabolism

For more in-depth information, please refer to the relevant specialist pages, for example the fertility tea page.

With tools such as books and courses, the necessary expertise can be acquired. By dealing with the subject, a desire to have children also often succeeds faster than in conventional cases. The couple thus knows more quickly in which cycle phase they are.