Symptothermal method with the iButton

The perfect combination

In the video on the right, you can see how easily and safely you can perform the symptothermal method with the iButton. All without synthetic, chemical hormonal substitutes interfering with the natural cycle.

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How to use iButton with the symptothermal method

1. Recommendation: to attend a personal consultation, a basic course at or AG-NFP, or an NFP online course/ or book.

2. Prepare cycle sheet paper, or evidence-based cycle app or web service (eg. “mynfp” iOS/Android/Web)

3. Note cycle start

4. As soon as menstruation is over, in the evening iButton at least with 24h measurement e.g. each ca.4 o’clock start and at least 9 nights introduce

5. Pay attention to the cervical mucus in the evening (lumpy, spinnable, transparent, watery amount)

6. Once the change of mucus from liquid to creamy is detected, atake out iButton on the 3rd or 4th day in the morning and read the temperatures via PC or smartphone Android app

7. Check if temperature chart confirms cervical mucus change. On paper or evidence-based cycle app, this can be checked and the cycle event mirrored.

If confirmed, you have reached the very safe infertile phase, otherwise measurement can continue.